About Us
What is Study Clash?

Short Answer:
We make studying fun. Turn your notes into games and play against your friends.

Long Answer:
Gather round, children. It’s storytime. Study Clash was created by 2 college students (who happen to be twins). The idea for Study Clash came about during finals season, during which one of said twins was, of course, procrastinating. Instead of studying for finals, he was playing against some of his friends on one of those trivia games kids play on their phones these days. He realized that he wouldn’t feel guilty about having fun if the questions were about what he was supposed to be studying instead of useless trivia. Did he really need to know how many bones are in a giraffe’s neck? (7, in case you were wondering).

Studying is often tedious and lonely, but it doesn’t have to be. We wanted to take the fun, addictive nature of competitive multiplayer trivia games and combine it with educational material. Users import their study guides or notes, in question/answer (flashcard) format. Our algorithm processes this information and generates a timed multiple-choice quiz with three wrong and one right answer. Users can play by themselves, but more importantly can compete against their classmates and friends (using their own study guides or ones already in our database) to see who can get the most questions right, gaining points and advancing through levels, and unlocking achievements. Study Clash was made with the goal of making studying fun. We had fun making it, so we hope you have fun using it! ;)